Chocolate Chip and My 4th

/ Thursday, July 11, 2013

Well, it isn't a Sunday but today I thought I would share with you what I made today: Thursday.
It's a humble cookie really brought to you by the back of the Nestle package. It's simplicity has made it an American favorite and it never ceases to be wonderful. Of course, I'm talking about the chocolate chip cookie. :)

It was a wonderful day outside too! Pictured next to the cookies is some basil lemonade that I highly suggest trying out for yourself. My sister and I picked up four lemons from the grocery store, and we made about 4 servings of lemonade. Just let the basil soak into the lemon juice for a while before you add the water and sugar to bring out the basil flavor. Again, it is a very nice refreshing summer treat!

And here is what we made over the Fourth of July. Deep fried candy bars.
They were amazing! Basically they are snickers bars, covered with batter, deep fried, and rolled in powdered sugar.

Hope everyone had a great 4th! (I know it's the 11th and it's kind of late, but I've been busy)

See you this Sunday!


  1. For the lemonade, if you want another classic drink with a fresh herb, try making sun tea and steeping it with a little fresh mint leaf.

    1. Thanks, I will for sure try this!


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