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/ Saturday, June 29, 2013

I have been back in the wonderful United States for a day now, but jet lag caused my post to be second to sleep on my priorities list, but I have two good nights of sleep under my belt, so I now turn to my computer to construct this post.

If you all have read my previous entry, you know that I traveled to Europe with MacPhail Center for Music. MacPhail is my wonderful music school that I have been playing at for about 9 years. I have learned classical piano, and am really thankful that my piano lead me to the amazing places in the world I traveled to last week.

When we landed in Frankfurt, Germany, we hopped right on a bus to Rothenburg, Germany. It was a small Medieval town, but still alive as a city might have been. We only spent about a half a day there, but I already fell in love with it.

The little town also made for great picture opportunities, with it's many houses and winding streets.

Rothenburg was also famous for Schneeballen, or Snowballs in English. They are crisp fried dough in a ball, then dipped in many different flavors. My sister and I split a chocolate dipped one and they were amazing!

Then we hit the road with out tacky orange tourist bus and drove to Prague, the beautiful Czech city!
We played two concerts there, one in a museum and one in a church. They were both fantastic places to play.

Here is a view of a very famous bridge in Prague called the Charles bridge.
On it there are many vendors selling their own handmade items.

Our next stop was Český Krumlov a larger town in the Czech Republic. There they were having their annual Festival of the Rose so there was live music and traditional dancing in the square, an art fair, and food booth after food booth. (Which made me very happy) So, I dove into some of the traditional dishes of the town, such as meat with dumplings and a hollow, circular, fried pastry.

Here is me with a traditional Czech Pastry, the outside was crunchy and the inside was soft, and all together it was very good!

Our final stop was Salzburg, where we played another concert. There, in the birthplace of Mozart, we received a standing ovation, and my peers and I couldn't have been happier. It was really a musician's dream come true (ok, getting cheesy here but it really is!)

Here is the oldest restaurant in Salzburg, founded in 803! Unfortunately, the tour group wasn't stopping there.

After Salzburg we spent some time at Konigsee or "King's Lake" I got some breathtaking photos of mountains that we saw on a tour around the lake.

We also toured Neuschwanstein, however, no pictures were allowed inside :(

So that was basically my vacation, I wish you all a great week.
See you on Sunday!

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