9 Day Vacation!

/ Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hi all!
Tomorrow I am leaving for Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic!
I know, this is kind of a late notice, but I have been so busy with packing and this week's post that I completely forgot. Though it means missing next week's pastry, I will be posting an in depth travel post when I get back.
I got the opportunity to go to these wonderful countries though MacPhail, my music school. Forty other students and I will be traveling throughout these countries playing four concerts along the way. I play the piano and I am doing a duet and a trio with two other amazing pianists. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and will be highlighting for you many places that I have gone on my trip through stories and pictures when I get back. (And of course I'm going to have a food segment!)
So I wish you all a great week!
See you in nine days!

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